Hello, sawubona, ase

Wamkelekile e Funda Nathi.



Funda Nathi is a Kuhle Apha ECD initiative that started in January 2019 with help from the National Art Council (2018-2019 Funding). We consciously design learning material promoting all our South African languages and cultures, improving the state of classrooms and learning in rural and township schools and further make learning in our mother tongue exciting, memorable and relevant to the kids of today. Our posters are available in all languages, can be used at any school, used for home learning or by any South African living abroad. Working with Foundation Phase teachers and with guidance from those at the Department of education, we have created posters that are loved by many and will be used to further give life to our online learning channel.

YOU CAN donate

to a child or school



Since the beginning of the pandemic thousands of kids have been left idling with nothing to do while at home and thus exposing the lack of resources that most of the schools have. By buying or donating, you can help us carry on with the mission of promoting education for the future of our kids. To find out how to donate please call 0813605992 OR email


Since the beginning of Lockdown we embarked on an initiative to 1. Ask for donations, 2.find schools in need and 3. Deliver material to the kids or schools. We are proud to say that with a partnership from ReImagine SA we have managed to collect more than R20 000 in donations from Companies, R7500 from NGO’s, R3000 from SMME’s an A4 PRINTER DONATION and R6000 from anonymous individuals, totalling to R36 500 in donations.

These donations assisted in giving kids 250 Lockdown Educational packs during lockdown and posters to the principals of 15 classrooms awaiting the re-opening of schools in 2020. Proceeds have also helped with the ongoing work that has to be done at Funda Nathi, paying translators who mostly are without jobs and in making sure that we can follow up on some of the schools and kids and further assist in their development.

Thank you to Personal Trust in Cape Town, Sqwidnet in Pretoria, the uBumbo team and I Learn to Live NGO for their generous donations and to the small companies Hutano Minds, House of Chilli and Sima’s Cottage, your support is truly appreciated and will be long remembered by the families and schools affect and by us at Funda Nathi.

Donations delivered on Mandela Day to the kids in Kuwait and to Inkwenkwezi Day Care

Branded poster sponsor to Gr1 and GrRs at Bathabile Primary school in Johannesburg.

20 poster sets donated to the kids in Phakamisa, 4 Rooms and coloured paper bought for Women’s Month Activity