A big thank you to the companies, NGO’S and individuals that have come to support Funda Nathi since the beginning of Lockdown. We have collected over R20 000 rands in support of Funda Nathi and in donating to 12 classrooms and as many as 500 children. The first 100 donations were donated by individuals and distributed in Phakamisa and surrounding areas. 35 kits have been posted to KZN and special mention goes to I Live to Learn NPO who bought kits for the Zulu Orphanage in Empangeni.

The Ubumbo team landed a hand and ran their own campaign which has thus helped us to give 40 laminated posters to 20 kids, site words and coloured paper with activities. Our biggest donors came from the Sqwidnet and Personal Trust who have donated 30 posters to 10 classes and 30 kits to 30 children in Kuwait.


Ofcourse we cannot forget the small businesses that have been funding the cause since its birth, Hutano Minds, House of Chilli and Simas Cottage.

Thank you to a couple of friends who have donated anonimously and for our printer donation all the way from Netherlands.


With profits received from these collections we are busy with the second set and creating more African content and more educational and uplifting content during this time of the pandemic.